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Lamination Machines :

Laminating is becoming more and more popular. The reasons are simple and the benefits many. Documents are permanently protected by the laminating machine enclosing and sealing them between two sheets (the laminating pouch). This enables damaging creases, scratches and tears to be avoided and so prolongs its life. By encasing an item in plastic it becomes completely waterproof, and any spillage or greasy stain can be easily removed from the laminated surface

Some of our brand names are :

  • Excelam Laminator
  • A3 Document Laminators
  • Neha Laminators
  • Kent Laminators
  • GMP Laminators
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Excelam Lamination Machines

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  • Excelam pouch laminators
  • Starting range machines
  • Reverse control
  • Up to A3 size
  • Made in chaina
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Document Lamination Machines A3

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  • Laminating speed: 600mm per min
  • Max laminating width: 330mm
  • No. of Rollers: 4
  • Driving Motor AC Geared Motor
  • Heating System: Lsinglass
  • Forward and reverse button
  • Hot and cold button
  • Smoot laminating effect
  • Temperature adjustment: Yes with Knob

Neha Lamination Machines

Item Code: N550

Neha genuine laminator N550


  • Heavy Duty Pouch Laminator
  • Specially Designed with the latest technology
  • Premium Quality Components
  • Trouble Free Machine
  • Temperature Control
  • Reverse Control
  • With Knob
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GMP Laminator

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Use GMP laminators for your business and office use. Enjoy greater success in both areas with our top level Mr-12(Q1) pouch laminators. We offer fast and remarkably easy to operate system which is specially designed to make your documents tamper-proof while enhancing their professional appearances, within just a few seconds. Your paper is lustrously transformed, permanently sealed, and stays ever clean! The range of applications only limited by your imagination-License, ID cards, Desktop presentations, Promotional aids, Certificates, Business cards, Luggage tags, Instruction sheets-the list goes on and on. A compact GMP pouch laminator takes up a minimum space and blends beautifully into today's office environment.


  • Hot & Cold lamination
  • Variable set temperature
  • 13 positions for every 5 of temperature (80-140)
  • Laminate up to 12" (320mm wide): MR-12(Q1)
  • Convenient system for easy operation
  • Useful for home as well as office
  • Compact & portable design
  • Wide range of films and paper thicknesses can be used
  • Carrierless Lamination



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